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The Interior Design Process

It’s more than selecting fabrics and wallpaper! After 15 years of experience let me tell you why

Welcome to the JRID journal, each month we’ll dive into the world of interior design.

Qualified Interior Designers have established and reliable network inclusive of architects, draftspersons, engineers, landscape architects, suppliers plus quality trades to execute clients dream outcomes efficiently and effectively.

Initially, JRID recommends a discovery call to kick off the journey, get to know one another, plus overall expectations including timeframes.

This 7-step process ensures a seamless execution with an Interior Designer, please read on.

1 Brief Establishment.  

An initial in person meeting to discuss your dream project. An open conversation to explore personal passions, lifestyle, style, budget and contact details of additional professionals supporting the project is recommended. An experienced Interior Designer can accommodate a variety of styles for example, Hamptons,

2 Schematic Design.

A presentation of imagery, sketches and white form 3D modelling based on the latest contemporary trends. Key furniture pieces to make the project sing plus material samples. See the vision start to come to life.  

3 Design Development.

Once the designer knows the scheme has captured all the clients’ requirements, it shall be sent to the chosen builder. The phase includes the refinement of all previously issued documents inclusive of line drawings, FF & E schedules, and coloured interior renders.

Many builders in Melbourne are charging for quotations, thus we strongly encourage clients to seek a builder at the beginning of the project, retaining an open dialogue and a friendly manner, making for a hassle free construction period.   

4 Contract Administration.

To avoid costly mistakes the Interior Designer will liaise with suppliers, trades and builders, checking off invoicing, project management of RFI’s and the general onsite happenings.

5 Furniture and Object Selection.

Procurement of new furniture, or reupholstered existing family heirlooms to fit in with the new and improved interiors for your home. Itemised schedule of costings plus guided trade showroom trips to ensure sure the pieces specified are to your requirements – this is fun!

6 Project Handover.

The end of your project journey, a sense of achievement to see everything come to fruition. A professionally executed project has every right to be professionally photographed to be showcased to the world.  

7 Follow Up.

After spending intimate moments exploring your home and personal style, an opportunity to reflect on the project and discuss the outcomes is recommended.

Join us next month as we uncover the new Australian regulations regarding engineered stone.

Generate conversation,


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