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Jenni Robin

Founder | Design Director

Designing spaces that enable memories and enhance emotions through a love for collaborating with clients.

The intent is to create a beautiful space tailored to you and your brief, specifying the very best of local and international design.

From the outset, ensuring an easy going and honest approach.


Born in Melbourne, Jenni is qualified in Interior Design and Decoration (DIP. RMIT), Interior Design (Bachelor Design, Swinburne University) and is a proud member of the DIA (Design Institute of Australia) with fifteen years of industry experience.


A passion for aesthetics and a keen eye for detail, Jenni’s designs transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences.

Jenni Robin Interior Design focuses on private residential projects in Victoria, at times working with architects and draftspersons on commercial, retail and hospitality projects.


With an emphasis on seamless functionality, Jenni seamlessly integrates form and function, ensuring that every element serves a purpose while exuding elegance.

From carefully selected furniture pieces to thoughtfully curated colour palettes and lighting schemes, every aspect of your design is meticulously planned to create harmonious and inviting spaces.

Black and White professional photograph of Jenni Robin in her home studio.
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