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Working in conjunction with the creative team put together by Michael Cain Creative Director of HIVE Creative, JRID was involved in overall interior concepts for each door hardware finish, providing guidance and a select few pieces to work in the final shoots. The fast paced project was put together in 3 weeks, with the campaign brochure being rolled out across the Bunnings circuit nation wide. JRID provided trade tips for HIVE Creative to use in the brochure, which in turn assists the Gainsborough client. 


Completed: 2023

Creative Brand Agency: HIVE Creative

Photography: Garth Oriander

Photographic Stylist: Jacqui Erskine

View the online brochure from Gainsborough here

View the design direction from HIVE here

HIVE-GB-shot 7 Hero_RETOUCHED_RGB_72ppi_V2.jpg


HIVE-GB-shot 3 hero 2_RETOUCHED_RGB_72ppi_V1.jpg
Pages from 223966_GAIH_GAINSBOROUGH_Style_Guide_2023_DIGITAL_FA4_Double_Pages.jpg
HIVE-GB-shot 1 hero_RETOUCHED_RGB_72ppi_V1.jpg
HIVE-GB-shot 4 Hero_RETOUCHED_RGB_72ppi_V1.jpg
HIVE-GB-shot 5 Hero_RETOUCHED_RGB_72ppi_V1.jpg
HIVE-GB-shot 6 Hero_RETOUCHED_RGB_72ppi_V1.jpg
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